EPoS software, tried, tested and established

Qube supply EPoS comprehensive software for PC based solutions and management software for our ROM based products.

EPoS software available:

PC-based software solutions:

Qube EPoS Ltd specialises in Dinerware EPoS system software. We believe it is the most reliable and feature rich 'off the shelf' EPoS software available to hospitality businesses in the United Kingdom.

ROM-based EPoS systems for back of house software solutions:

Our proprietary ROM based EPoS systems link to a range of back office software solutions. We work closely with MSD EPoS who develop and support:
Hardware solutions
EPoS system

Real time sales reporting

Thanks to PXTech, we are now able to offer our Uniwell customers the functionality to view EPoS transactions from all of their businesses remotely on their mobile or computer within 15 minutes of them being made.

The UniPortal is compatible with a range of Uniwell machines. Contact us for a free demonstration.
EPoS transactions

Working with clients across the UK

Our services are available throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you need to rent EPoS systems for an event or require maintenance services for your point of sale system, we have the perfect solution for you. Contact us with your requirements and we'll get back to you.

Our company is based in Bristol, and we serve clients across the United Kingdom.
If your EPoS machine needs a software update or reprogramming, contact the team at Qube EPoS Ltd, Bristol.
0117 970 5000
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