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We know that when it comes to EPoS... 
'One box does not fit all', 
it never has and it never will...

At Qube we will consult with you to find the best product for your requirements. We assume nothing and will talk openly and honestly to find the right solution for your business.

Our products are tried, tested and reliable

At Qube EPoS, we choose what we sell. Every product on our product list has been checked, double checked and triple checked before we supply it to you. There are so many manufacturers of EPoS and EPoS peripherals across the globe. If we sell it, we like it, and therefore we know you will like it too.

Qube EPoS is an independent reseller of EPoS equipment. We have no tie with any company or any particular product. We constantly look at the EPoS systems that are available for companies like us to endorse in the UK market. EPoS is a constantly changing world, let Qube EPoS Ltd select the best products available for you based on quality, reliability and price. 

Many EPoS companies in 2017 have become obsessed with tying their customers to them by enforcing monthly fee's and annual software renewals. You should not have to pay every month just to operate your own EPoS equipment. Furthermore, we do not believe you should have to rely on your internet connection being strong and active just to serve your customers. You should not be exposed to viruses and hackers.  Finally, and potentially the most important of the lot is that your sales data is yours and if you want to access it you should be able to. Put simply, Qube do not believe in this way of working. 

Some of our competitors even see fit to have zero physical interaction with their customers. Only assisting on the telephone or via remote support, relying on their customers to post broken machines, printers back to their head office for repair 
within 28 days. Does this give you peace of mind? 

To reiterate, at Qube EPoS, we do not operate on a one size fits all way of working and we never will. Every business is unique and we accept that your needs and requirements will vary. Let us advise you on the best solution for your business.
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Qube EPoS Ltd and Uniwell

Qube EPoS Ltd are proud to be the approved dealer of Uniwell products for the South West of England. We have been a Uniwell supplier since their entry to the UK market and are delighted to still be at the forefront of their technology now.
The distribution of Uniwell equipment in the UK is from Microtek Services Ltd, based in Leeds. Microtek Services Ltd has specifically nominated resellers across the UK. 

Alongside EPoS sales, we also specialise in EPoS service and maintenance, EPoS rental,
EPoS hardware and software, and much more.
Our partners
"Eat Drink Bristol Fashion is a large scale pop-up restaurant event, with multiple sales stations that require comprehensive programming to meet our POS needs. Qube EPoS Ltd has been our partner of choice since the event's inception in 2012. 

They've provided us with short term hire of a number of till units each year and worked closely with us to set up and maintain our complex programming and extensive sales data. We've been very pleased with the support we've received from Qube EPoS Ltd and look forward to working with them on future events."

- Amelia Twine, director Eat Drink Bristol Fashion
If you need to buy cash registers and point of sale machines in the United Kingdom, call Qube EPoS Ltd, Bristol.
0117 970 5000
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